African Ministers Launch Initiative on Sustainability, Stability and Security

unccdAfrican Ministers attending the Climate Change Conference are expected to agree on a focused approach to address the growing threats to Africa’s security, stability and sustainability (3S) linked to climate change, including but not limited to forced migration and displacement, conflicts between herders and farmers, youth radicalization and food and water security. The ministers are expected to adopt a declaration for action under the leadership of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.

Africa’s economic losses from disasters have grown steadily since the 1990s to an estimated annual average of US$200 billion per year. 50 million smallholders account for 80% of all farms, manage most of the cultivated land, and in some countries, account for 90% of the agricultural produce.

Droughts are becoming more frequent and intense. The El Nino drought of this year affected the food security of more than 30 million people. The heightened urgency to stem the growing tide of attendant challenges is evident from the many recent political commitments to action.

The 3S initiative will give teeth to these commitments by specifying the measures to secure the productivity of the land, whose continued degradation is largely behind these crises. The 3S initiative is convened by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, with the leadership of Senegal, the current NEPAD Chair, and Morocco, the COP22 Presidency.



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